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If you're frustrated and feeling a sense of failure to hit big numbers on your music release - keep reading. We've all been there (myself included) and I hate to tell you: One Status & A Tweet Is Not Enough.

This article is a guide how to adjust your strategy for pre/post marketing and hopefully an inspirational kick up the backside to transform your mindset when it comes to social media promotion.

It's launch day. You're hyped about sharing new music or a big announcement and it's time to launch. Do you:

A) post in a hurry and copy and paste the same text across all your channels?
B) forget to post, you're already working on the next project!
C) Strategise carefully by creating a strong post at optimum viewing time, plus add a trackling link to your content?

Think about it! Why are we not passionate about professionally sharing our music? Were you worried about annoying or alienating your followers? Afraid of what people would think? Paranoid to ask a question and get no replies?

I think my man Austin DarboSenior Content Editor at Spotify said it best:

Austin Daboh.jpg

Austin Darbo
Senior Content Editor at Spotify

Pre-marketing a track release is an art form. Maximising your creativity in the promo game will pay off and make the hard work worth your time. Keep on reading if you're hungry to hit the next level with your music marketing.

Appeal to the senses

One very simplistic concept is to split your campaign concept into three main sections:


  • Unveil the artwork as a photo.
  • Create some basic animations for Instagram Stories.
  • Post Behind The Scenes video content from during the creation process
  •  Use free tools such as Canva to make correctly sized Facebook and Twitter cover photos.


  • Tease an exclusive preview of a song snippet.
  • Record a Facebook Live to explain the concept of the project, play the record and answer fan questions.
  • Rip a segment of audio from any radio hosts introducing the record.



  • Take a photo holding up a tablet or smartphone with the artwork on-screen.
  • Record a screen capture demonstration how to find your track on Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud.
  • Take a screenshot of the track once it's live or blogged on any publications!

Tell a story in different ways

The average attention span of an Internet user is less than a goldfish.

Be smarter than the competition and brainstorm multiple ways to say 'OUT NOW, CLICK MY LINK'.

Think of all the different channels you could use to share your message. Share different tracking links for Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and Soundcloud links with a different photo post / Instagram Story about each of them. 

Are you too lazy?


Once the track goes live, the hard work is only just beginning. Make sure you respond to all your comments, Mentions, blogs writing about you, radio hosts talking about you and of course Soundcloud comments. 

I already know what excuse you're thinking about. If you haven't got any comments (yet) then try posting new Visual, Audio and Tangible posts that ASK A QUESTION or PROVOKE A REACTION.

If this article sparked a fire inside you to do better, please do me a favour and spread the word!
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