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Planning and whiteboarding the framework for this podcast was so exciting! Without a doubt the first guest had to be my good friend Aqib who runs the trap and electronic label Elysian Records.

If you’re struggling to crack the Spotify code, you’re about to learn the keys to success. Aqib’s label has generated over 50 Million streams since 2014 and he dropped stacks of golden nuggets in this debut episode.

What Is The Spotify Release Radar? (2mins 30 seconds)

A personalised, customised playlist for each Spotify user. The algorithms measure Who you follow and What songs you listen to. So the more music you listen to, the more accurate your Release Radar will become and suggest more relevant songs to you.

How To Pitch Songs To Spotify Playlists (4mins 5 seconds)

One of the biggest mysteries with Spotify is how to get your song featured in official Spotify playlists. Aqib explains the process of submitting a song for playlist consideration via the Spotify For Artists dashboard.
It’s so important to have a story, the inspiration and figure out a which playlist is most relevant to you.1

Cross-platform marketing strategy (17mins 10 seconds)

It’s always a debate around releasing music if you should focus on one URL or multiple? Aqib explains the importance of fanlinks, the strategy for distributing music across Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp and iTunes.

Kickstarting your first 100K streams (27mins 26 seconds)

Instead of focusing on your own streaming link, Aqib believes one of the keys to ramp up excitement is to be friendly with other Youtube promotional channels uploading your song. When these 3rd party channels put the streaming link in the description of the video, more eyes are onto your music. It’s a WIN WIN for the artist and the channel.